> Bethany Beach 2008

A. Lunchtime view of the Bay
B. The Perfect Beach Day
C. We Are Here
D. The First Monday on the Beach
E. Our Most Crowded Beach Day
F. Enjoying the "Lake"
F. There was Time for Standing Around...
G. And Running Around
H. Couple Time...
I. More Couple Time
J. Snuggle Time
K. More Snuggles
L. And Even More Snuggling
M. There Was Horsing Around
N. And Horses
O. There Was Mommy Time
P. And More Mommy Time
Q. Daddy Time Too
R. Emma Contemplates the Castle
T. My Granddaughters
U. Grandpa's Grands
V. 20 Reasons to Smile
W. Not So Bad Girl
X. Moonrise